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Saturday, January 18, 2025
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Thanks for everything. We had a great time and I felt the conference was very well organised.

- Marcella Cox, General Practitioner

I thought it was a great mix, and depending on finances and schedules I would be happy to come to another - still tempted by Argentina.

- Stuart Graham, Ophthalmologist

Thanks again we had a great time and loved the area. (The boys down loaded the ski distances etc for the 5 days - 136 lifts and 253 kms).

- Max Webb, Optometrist

The trip and the conference was excellent. I was very impressed with the entire show you put on. Quite amazed at how well organised it was given how much skiing you still did. Your attention to detail was great and I noted how you took care of all the background problems (eg broken skis negotiations).
I've been raving about the venue and everything else to everyone back here.

- David Tehan, Information Technology

What an fantastic conference!! I would love to come next year so book me in! I have expressed my amazement to quite a few people (showing off with the photos!) and many are very keen to come along (at least 2 others are definates!). I actually went back there for another 3 days at the end of my two weeks south, and stayed at Antares (the waiters were surprised to see me solo!) and had a ball, met a few Italian fellow diners who took me to Cortina for the day-great snow there!!
location: world class
hotel: ditto
food: heavenly, never tasted better steak before
lectures: short and sweet
lecture time: it was the best time of day, wouldn't appreciate AM!
entertainment: local bar Lewis Keller was a winner
skiing: truly spectacular! don't change anything: 10/10 for everything

- Monika Povolney, Optometrist

We had a fantastic time. Thanks again for all your organising.

- Louise Winkler, Optometrist

Just a note of thanks for the conference and your help. Much appreciated.
Loved Italy and the skiing - just as I imagined it would be and the lack of tourists was notable around Selva.
PS It snowed on the Monday after you left and the place looked like a post card when we arrived back from Venice on the Tuesday. Snowed on and off most of the week. Spent the week skiing and wandering around shops in the snow.

- Nigel King, Optometrist

Just writing to say thanks for organising a magnificent event in Italy.We had a fabulous time and the Dolomites is definitely a place we will be returning to one day.

-Lien Trinh, Optometrist

We really did have a fabulous time and just loved Val Gardena

-Ann Webber, Optometrist

Thank you for such a great conference!

-Shea Cameron, Optometrist

John, thank you for organising another great conference. Anne and I really appreciate your ski tour guiding. We are looking forward to Japan. I hope to talk on pterygiums next time.

-Andrew Field, Ophthalmologist

Jenny, myself & the kids loved Italy & the extremely well run conference. We are definitely looking at Japan next year.

-John Borozan, Optometrist


NISEKO 2012:

Thanks for asking me to be involved I enjoyed the intimacy and varied subjects discussed.

Many thanks for organizing the meeting. Great venue and skiing

-Andrew Apel, Ophthalmologist. Eye Health Centre, Brisbane

Thank you so much for organizing the conference in Niseko. We had an absolute ball!!  I'll never forget laughing
as I swooped down through the trees in the powder - absolutely magic. And so many CPD points - equally fantastic!!!!!

I don't think we have any suggestions, as it all seemed to go so smoothly. We are expecting to catch up with you again in Colorado.

-Elaine Bryant, Optometrist